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I can actually answer your question without giving an opinion! Your requirements make it pretty straightforward.

All rounds will kill the animals you listed.
All are good to 500 yards if you as the shooter are capable
Round cost and recoil eliminate 300 WM because they are expensive and by far has the most recoil. 30-06 also has more recoil than the 308 and 270.
308 and 270 are all great for deer and all around cartridge.
Between 308 and 270, the 270 is the better varmint round because it shoots much flatter. Based on your requirements, 270 is the clear winner.

Having said that, the 270 is not a good varmint round. You really are asking too much from only one gun. A second rifle chambered in 223 or 22-250 should be purchased if you are serious about varmint shooting.

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