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I have and have hunted with all four of the cartridges the OP asked about. Simply put, which ever one happened to be in my hands at the time I encountered the game specified. As far as the .300 Win. Mag. is concerned, personally do not find the recoil to be all that bad but then again I shoot it and others quite a bit.
Regarding 500ish yard shots, not me brother. No way. I've only done two very long shots; one at a deer at 426 paces and an elk at 530 yards laser measured. I consider myself lucky that both were one shot kills but try when possible to get a hell of a lot closer. The deer had been hit by one of my buddies and was getting away. The elk on the other hand was in a wide open "park" and it was impossible to get any closer. Know the area there was a three month session of serious long range practice out to 500 meters and that practice paid off when the time came. Deer was with a .308 Win. and the elk a .300 Win. mag.
I've probably killed more deer with a 30-06 or .308 than anything else but a few have fallen from the .270 as well along with a nice antelope back in 2009.
Basically, all four cartridges will work for what you asked. Some may work a little better but all will work.
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