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For your stated application, there's no "best". You're right, it's an endless and pointless debate, with one exception. I am not an anti-magnum guy. I regularly shoot a .338 WM and killed all my game in Idaho and Colorado with a 7 mm RM. But I recommend you stay away from the .300 WM. If you have the motivation, you will master it. But if you want to enjoy some time at the range and have your choice, you will likely leave the magnum knock-em-dead in the safe.

Of the other 3, the '06 has some advantage in bullet choice, but most folks settle on one or maybe two favorites and stay with them. The .270 has a trajectory advantage, but in the day of range finders that's less important. The .308 is said to have an advantage in "inherent accuracy", but I don't know if that's true. And they will all have better accuracy than the shooter. Take your pick, and defend it against all comers.
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