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Choosing the proper bullet is far more important than the caliber. Every thing from 260 up to 338 WM will do the job. If the bullet is chosen wisely.

I've used 30-06 for most of my hunting, but have owned various 7mm and 300 magnums as well as 35 Whelen and 338/06 in the past. I sold most of them and have pretty well settled on 308.

There isn't an animal in the lower 48 I'd not shoot at 400 yards with it. But that is more because of my personal limitations. It would take most game under 500 lbs even farther. My 30-06 and magnum rifles only add about 100 yards of usable range. But since I'm not good enough to take advantage of it I don't see the point of the greater recoil.

I'd also have to throw the 6.5 Creedmoor into the debate. It shoots 130-147 gr bullets only slightly slower at the muzzle than 270 with similar bullet weights. But because of the higher BC's beyond about 200 yards they hit harder than 270. With almost 1/2 the recoil. With lighter 100 gr bullets it should be a better varmint rifle.

It is becoming popular in elk country with guys reporting great results out well beyond 400 yards. I've read a couple of reports of kills nearer 800 yards. I've been shooting one for a few months and like it. But I'm not ready for it to replace my 308, at least not yet.
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