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IMO,the question is blown with the 500 yd requirement. Where does that come from?

Don't get me wrong,the right shooter can use a .308 effectively at 500yds,but lets get real.
The 500yd criteria biases the TOOL toward the 300 Win mag,bt the average SHOOTER is better served by ANY of the other cartridges.

As far as this semi-ridiculous question goes,there are so many variables,from one day to the next,a great case can be made for any and all of these cartridges.
My bias says the 300 Win Mag is a great cartridge,but is not the best choice for perhaps 80% + of shooters,and 80%+ situations.

I'll say "Great Choice!" to ALL of the rest.

Your criteria of "round count" and "accuracy"...without selling any other cartridge short,I'd give an advantage to the .308 when it comes to range time.

For a pure hunting tool under many conditions,the .270 might get the nod.

But you are never wrong to show up with a 30-06

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