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Stopping in to say "howdy" from Western Kentucky!!

Howdy Y'all!
MoMan here. I've been around firearms as long as I can remember. I retired late last year and find I have more time to shoot, which ain't a bad thing!
We moved down here from NY, don't hold that against me! We left NY as soon as I retired. We actually purchased our home down here the previous year in anticipation of leaving NY. Our thought process was that if we didn't do it that way we would get complacent and never do it, being stuck in NY for an eternity.
I have a "few" handguns, and rifles. I like the older revolvers, and the newer semi-auto handguns. I love to reload as it allows me plenty of opportunity to shoot.
I'm looking forward to participating on this forum, and hopefully I can offer some input.

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