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Back in mid Sixties, I shot a friends SXS 10 gauge magnum, hunting squirrels. Didn't shoot but one.scraps was all that was left.
I liked the gun and don't remember any problems with it, over the several years i shot it.
I don't thineven 1 k there were any "magnum" load for it.
paper shells. I don't remember loads.
They sell different length 10 gauge as well as 12 and other gauges, in Europe.
I haven't seen any ads for them in ten gauge as it is not used that much here. Plenty of two and one half and even two inch, and 1 and three quarter inch twelve gauge shells though.
I would be tempted to shoot it with appropriate loads, provided it has been cared for.
I do remember clearly seeing seperate strands of wire and square rods, somewhere in the action area of the barrels.
I wish i could trace down my odl friend and see if that external hammer side by side could be bought.
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