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Well, well, well. I am apart of many forums, most watch forums etc. I tried the firearm forums in the past and got sick of how evil people try to be when we all have the same interest.

Anyway, I googled best firearm forum and this was #1, so I'm going to give it a try again.

Little about me: I'm a police K9 Handler.
I love collecting and tinkering with guns.

My safe(s) include GLOCK- 17,19,22,23,26,27,42,43,43 (several are modified)
Highly modified Anderson AR15 (for nistalga.... I live where they are made.)
Ruger Precision Rifle
Benelli SBEii
Benelli M4
Ruger 10/22
And quite a few more. Sadly I happened to have lost all of these guns In a boating accident... Tee he he he he. They all happened to sink to the bottom of thr Atlantic Ocean..... Tee he he he.

I'm also fortunate enough, due to my job, to be issued an H&K G36. Man is that gun sweet.

I'm here to learn, share my knowledge, and just have fun. Thanks everyone.
~Never Give Up

My work partner K9 Fraser "double dog" dares you to run. Plenty of pun intended.
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