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Brandnew member from the year Kennedy died.
From Belgium and living there.
Have only a Buckmark Contour,Remington 22LR and an AirArms510FAC.
Pregnant from a CZ 557 Varmint 308, 26" barrel 1/10" twist,11 pounds.
Is for around june. In Belgium only 110 yard shooting possible.
Exept for AmericanMilitary base,300m and 400m, but memberstop
I have sporting shooter license,what means i can buy directly a half-aut gun in.22LR without a gun license. A half-aut gun in 9mm are +,a half-aut .22LR Is not allowed without a gun licence. Gun license cost about 160dollar/weapon and kids and wife must sign and agree.
But a Cz557 IN 308,bolt action i can take from store without signing one thing,crazy. For the moment in the club where i shoot, there is a real babyboom off new members see Reason,,,who knows?
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