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I blew your pic up Jerry and I like what you did with that 930. I've got a field/security combo coming, should be in tomorrow. I've done a lot reading-up on the 930 over the past month and here's my take on it.

The 930's gas system is AK47 simple, controls are in the right places and it's generally overbuilt. Threegunners are pounding hell out of them and they don't break or wear out. Of course it's a price-point auto and internals, though robust, are often poorly finished.

You might get one that's essentially OK and will de-burr itself in the first hundred or so rounds. But burrs on shell catches, recoil springs, plungers, mag tubes & followers are common and they sometimes interfere with function. The good news is that the 930's popularity in threegun has resulted substantial engineering toward perfecting it. You can basically do the work yourself and get it there under 200 bucks including night sights for a ribbed barrel. I think it's a wise investment if you intend to use the gun for heavy shooting, competition, duty or defense.
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