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You know besides all the pooh poohing, I would think that any sort of usable pistol accessory will sell some as there are alot more people out there than are on this board. I think they will sell. Just that I don't know if it will sell enough to make a break even or profit. Some folks do sleep with guns under the pillow, I suppose, so why not inside if it gives more sure access to it? I keep one on the nightstand and then it is stored well out of sight during the day. I have also seen holsters that mount on the side of the mattress. Well whatever, it has to be in the same place all the time or if you wake up in the middle of the night, you might take awhile to figure out where you have been putting it. I don't have one, but I think the best security is a big ol' barky dog in the house at night, better than a thousand dollar security system, and cheaper than that or an armed guard patrolling in a gated community. If the dog barks and makes a fuss at 3 AM and wakes me up in time before someone can breach my exterior he has payed for himself many times over. When I get into a situation that I can keep a dog, that will be seriously considered. And I don't mean an expensive trained attack dog or a dinky little nervous dog that barks at birds and crickets all night either.
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