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I'm going to be using this to introduce firearms to my daughter since she is VERY sensitive to loud noises. I want her to have a positive first impression of shooting.

I decided on an integral suppressor because this pistol is going to be dedicated for the purpose of suppressed shooting. I will probably end up getting a Can later for my other weapons.

I apologize in advance if my questions don't make sense. I'm still learning and I probably have used incorrect terminology.

1. What is the best all-round integral suppressor to get for a Ruger 22/45?

2. Does an integrally suppressed 22/45 use the factory front sights or do they get replaced as the barrel is lengthened?

3. What is a bull barrel? If I'm going to get it integrally suppressed, does it make sense to get the 22/45 model that comes with a bull barrel?

4. How do you clean an integral suppressor?

5. Exactly which parts get replaced on the pistol when you add an integral suppressor?

1. IMHO the SRT Ruger Integral is the best that I am aware of. It is very quiet and you can remove the suppressor to clean the expansion chamber. In the photo below, you can see the upper Ruger has a muzzle can (SRT Cheyenne 4.8" can) and the lower is a SRT Integral (8" suppressor). The SRT iintegral is one of my favorite guns.

2. The rear factory sight can be used, but the integral manufacturer will install a new front sight.

3. I would talk with the mfg for the integral. Mine had a 4" bull barrel prior to SRT installing the suppressor. Doug (SRT Arms) turned the barrel down when he installed the integral suppressor.

4. Most integral suppressors are sealed units and you cannot effectively clean them. On the SRT integral unit you can clean the expansion chamber -- it will catch the large percentage of the gunk. Depending on how you use it (if you shoot a brick of ammo a day vs a brick of ammo a year) the integral may not get filled with lead/carbon for a long time. If it does get filled with crud, you can typically send it back to the mfg for a rebuild at a reasonable fee.

5. The barrel gets turned down, the suppressor tube gets added along with a new front sight -- that is about it.

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