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Newbie Questions about Integral Suppressors

I'm going to be using this to introduce firearms to my daughter since she is VERY sensitive to loud noises. I want her to have a positive first impression of shooting.

I decided on an integral suppressor because this pistol is going to be dedicated for the purpose of suppressed shooting. I will probably end up getting a Can later for my other weapons.

I apologize in advance if my questions don't make sense. I'm still learning and I probably have used incorrect terminology.

1. What is the best all-round integral suppressor to get for a Ruger 22/45?

2. Does an integrally suppressed 22/45 use the factory front sights or do they get replaced as the barrel is lengthened?

3. What is a bull barrel? If I'm going to get it integrally suppressed, does it make sense to get the 22/45 model that comes with a bull barrel?

4. How do you clean an integral suppressor?

5. Exactly which parts get replaced on the pistol when you add an integral suppressor?
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