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I pulled a few 45-200LSWC bullets yesterday using my kinetic puller and noticed than all of them had the pain rubbed off.
When I loaded my first powder coated rounds I had a cartridge that looked off. I too was learning about how much flare I needed. I pulled that bullet with a kenetic puller. Like yours, it had much of the powder coating scraped off. It was a 44 mag, so I had a firm roll crimp. I was concerned about the coating coming off. When I tested the loads I found no leading of the barrel. I dug some of the bullets out of the dirt bank I was shooting into. The powder coating was scratched severely by both the barrel and dirt. I figured there are some differences between shooting them and pulling them in regards to what happens to the surface of the bullet. My theory is that the case expands and releases the bullet, rather than pushing it out and scraping the coating off. I may be wrong, but the results are showing no lead in my barrel. It works, that's all I need to know for sure.
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