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Originally Posted by mehavey View Post
You don't put ALOX in the lube grooves -- that's not how ALOX works.
It's a surface lube... very clean, and very effective.

If it's "gunking stuff up..." you're doing it wrong
"What we have here is a failure to communicate!"---From "Coolhand Luke".

There are two types of "Alox". For many years the NRA formula of 50/50 Alox was the default standard for cast bullet lube. There Lee came along with "liquid" Alox.
While you advice for not putting Alox into the lube grooves is likely correct for Lee liquid Alox, the NRA formula 50/50 Alox was formulated as a grease to be applied in the lube grooves.

Some of you cowboys would likely communicate "more better" if you specified which Alox you were refering to.
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