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Arken EP-4 6-24x50 review

After some wait my Arken ep4 6-24x50 ffp finally arrived. I was curious as to whether a $599 scope could live up to the hype. The answer is absolutely! The scope feels very solid and well made. The view through the eyepiece was exceptionally clear and crisp. Colors were vibrant. Unlike some reviewers noted, my power ring, parallax, and diopter were in a word, just as they should be. The turrets were very crisp with no slop between clicks. The zero stop rock solid. My only complaint was the fine reticle that is somewhat difficult to see clearly below 10 power, but where my power ring lives, from 14-16, the reticle will enable some fine work. The eyebox is very nice and forgiving. No illumination is not a big deal as I have never used it before. In every aspect this scope exceeded my expectations. I do not know how they managed to put out a scope of this quality at this price point, but they have a seriously good optic here. With their lifetime warranty and tracking guarantee this thing is pretty much in a class by itself. To top it all off the thing really looks good. This thing is going to set a very high bar, and scope makers putting out scopes in the $1000-$1500 rang are going to have to take notice. Time will tell if it holds up, but after seeing the abuse some reviewers put it through, and being 50bmg rated, I do not expect any problems whatsoever. Take a look at one if you get the chance and you will see what I am talking about.

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