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Cast bullet question

I found 250 out of a 500 box of .38 caliber, 158gr SWC cast bullets and I figured I load 'em up and get rid of them by practicing at the next range trip.

Trouble is, about 90% of the lube is gone from the lube grooves.

I have Lee Liquid Alox and a tube of Lyman Ideal, but the last time that I tried lubing some cast bullets they looked like me getting out of the shower without washing the shampoo out of my hair. They gave a new meaning to ugly.

I'm looking for some advice on lubing. I wondered if Moly coating would be enough, but I ruined a nice Sako 7STW with moly'd bullets. The moly just built up with successive shots and the accuracy went to hell. I spent one entire week trying to clean the barrel and finally gave up.

So, I'd appreciate any advice!
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