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So..... for those of you who follow this from a legal perspective better than I, what’s the chance?
There's always a chance.

Now, lets look at a couple of realities...
#1, Biden isn't President YET. AND until then its all just hype and empty promises.

Now, after he gets sworn in, THEN he can TRY to do what he's saying now, BUT, there's the matter of he has to get his ideals through BOTH houses of Congress, and when it comes to gun control, neither party has a history of lockstep voting along the party lines.

SO, its NOT a given that he will get what he wants, and until there is an actual bill proposing such, we're wasting both our time and bandwidth discussing "what ifs".

And then, there is that whole pesky US Constitution thing that's going to have to be worked around, as well....
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