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You can melt the the PC bullets back into your pot (it will smoke a bit). Or remove the PC which is a pain in the %$#%$ by soaking it in acetone. The PC will wrinkle up and you can brush the PC off with a stiff toothbrush or wire toothbrush. I never PC'd those bullets and just recycled them. To PC a bullet again will increase the diameter of the bullet or (if you resize), change the COAL.

Have you slugged your barrel? Many say that an undersized bullet will lead your barrel? I took some old fishing split shots and melted them in my ladle, then poured the pure lead into my mold. I cut it in half, lubed the shank, and drove it down the lubed barrel with a dowel (start off with a brass punch). You'll need a micromenter. I bought mines at HF but maybe you can borrow one for a minute from someone.
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