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RatS that Renegade looks pretty good. Too, it seems to have the blade front and square notch rear (I think) which I prefer over the bead and blade. I just sold a T/C Hawken .50 flinter that I'd owned for near 40 years.......I just don't shoot it anymore. A good friend just had to have a flintlock, and I gave him a real deal.

Saw a percussion T/C Hawken .50 in a shop a week or so ago, $250. Didn't look too bad, but I don't really need it. Most of the traditional side hammer guns don't sell well .....almost all the BP hunters around here are using stainless in-lines with pellets, scopes and sabots.

Your comments regards slow twist and conicals is duly noted. I've not owned any slow twist rifles and can't speak from experience. But my 1-20" White Mtn won't shoot roundballs worth a hoot.
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