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Bama you got it right. The TC Hawkens are nice and I see them all the time on GB listed as never fired. I bought a 50 caliber Renegade a month or so back that was a kit gun that was poorly put together and had the lock plate area rounded off and very little sanding to the rest of the wood. The prior owner tried to cold blue the barrel and it was splotchity and dull. So I just striped everything and started over. Oh, and the gun had never been fired by the way. I paid $210.00 for it with shipping.

Now it looks pretty good and has been fired 10 times. So a new gun thats tough as nails and not period correct except maybe the guns carried after the 1850s on the westward expansion and the men traveling in covered wagons across the great American desert.

And don't discount the slower twist with bullets instead of round balls. The 1/60 twist of my Lyman GP rifle shoots a Lee REAL 320gr bullet at 90 yards or so well enough to hunt deer with. IIRC the Civil War rifles had 1/60 twist and shot 600gr Minnie Balls darn well.

Here are a couple of pictures or the Renegade I redid. Wood is linseed oil and Formbys Tung oil mixed and BirchwoodCasey Plum Brown on the metal.
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