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Thompson Center made some of the best BP rifles on the market. The incorrectly named "Hawken" is one of the best rifles in that area. But it is not a Hawken rifle in any sense. It is closer to the Plains trade rifles made after the 1850s. The T/C rifles are sort of the "Rugers" of BP guns. They are built stout. But they are not historicly accurate. But they scratched the itch for many years for folks who wanted to try black powder shooting.

There are many decent reasonably priced T/C made guns on gunbroker. Look for a seller named "gman" he has an endless listing of clean BP rifles. And don't overlook the CVA and Traditions guns. They are budget guns but have some of the smoothest bores you will find on non custom guns.

You would have done better asking this question on the Blackpowder forum. Maybe the mods will move it for you. You will get lots of help there.

I have had my eye on a couple of the Tennessee Valley Muzzleloader guns. They are a big step above the guns I mentioned and are priced accordingly. But they have an excellent reputation for quality. You will wait for a while as your gun is being built. They also offer completed guns. Check Track Of The Wolf. They also sell completed custom built guns.

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