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From what I have seen from the President in the last 4 years is he really isn't that passionate about gun control. An example of an anti gun politician is Senator Feinstein, she is nearly a one trick pony in this regard and is constantly introducing bills limiting the 2A. She was practically jumping out of her skin after the horrible tragedy in Connecticut.
What I've seen from Obama is a politician who really doesn't give a rat's ass about gun control. He just doesn't care and I point to the fact that not only did he get a grade of F from the NRA but he also got an F from the Brady Campaign. I think he also believes what Howard Dean taught the Democratic party and that is throwing themselves behind gun control is toxic and will cost them at the polls. I think the slaughter of those children got to him emotionally and has vowed to act in some way and he is certainly hearing from a lot of people and groups to do something about guns so he will propose thing, knowing full well they won't fly. He's passionate about health care and other things but not gun control, he'll propose and then move on.
The thing is there are plenty in his own party that don't want to even touch the gun issue so if we hold our representatives and senators feet to the fire we can limit the damage. Whenever a political party moves too far to the left or the right they will eventually lose ground in the long run.
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