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Originally Posted by PAT99MI
I'm new to this forum and maybe an answer to my question has already been posted. I'm an almost senior female with a physical disability and will be taking a CCl class shortly. I purchased a Ruger .38 LCR to carry once I'm licensed but I'm using it for home defense until I purchase a shotgun. Would it be a good idea to use multiple ammos in a load to cover different scenarios? For example, load 3 soft hollow point +P's and 2 rounds of a harder more penetrating type ammo in case I have to shoot through a couch or something. I wouldn't know which bullet was on first but I would more than likely empty the load anyway.
Pat, welcome to TFL, but what you're doing here is hijacking the OP's thread. Feel free to make your own thread with your question, we'll all be happy to help.
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