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You are all over the place with your seemingly psychobabble responses that “do not compute”. You state unequivocally
Farmland wrote:
Accurate concentric ammo - big win for the Dillon 650 period.
Then, when you are challenged on this, you state
Farmland wrote:
fact is the Dillon 650 can be made better in this regard than the Hornady.
You imply that all you have to do is get the Whidden system. More dollar$ for exhorbidenly priced dillon acce$$orie$
Farmland wrote:
In any event this addition will make the Dillon 650 the clear winner
When the shortcomings of the Widden system are pointed out, the best you could do was
Farmland wrote:
Though once a month I do get a nice book in the mail from the Blue company.
Sometimes it is better to be obscene and not heard.

Your circumcised credibility is crapper circumspect. {John Crapper invented the flush toilet, and that is why a toilet is referred to as a “John” or a “crapper.”}

Foxbat: Dillon was making several progressive models long before the Pro 7 or the 650. The Projector was never a serious contender.
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