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Maybe you should learn how to read my posts a little better. I NEVER said that I paid $189 for the Lee Turret Press. what I said and what I GOT for $189 included the Following.

Lee Turret Press KIT...
Lee 4 Die 9mm Set...
Lee 4 Die .40 Cal Set...
Extra 4-Hole Turret...
Oh yeah and that price included shipping that took 3 days, From WI. I live in CA. SO now with what I got for $189.. I can reload (2) calibers and be happy with that.

So before you start trash talking and what you can get and this that and the other.. Make you sure you dont make yourself look like a fool. I am new to reloading and I went with Lee for a couple different reasons and to tell you the truth, I dont regret my decision one bit so it really shouldnt matter what you think, when it is MY MONEY.

The thread is here for people to give thier opinion on what they think is a GOOD beginner press. It is not here for guys like you totrash talk about what other peoples opinions are. That is what is wrong with half the people on this Forum, all they do is run thier mouth and not even try to help the New guys that want to take interest in the Hobby of Reloading. It is to each thier own and that is the good thing about life. THERE ARE MANY CHOICES... Dont rag on someone else for them making a choice that YOU dont like.
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