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In years past, the media and anti gun politicians used to trott out poll numbers which showed that the majority of americans would favor a ban on so-called "assault weapons". I haven't seen one of those in some time. I wonder what it would look like today.

They would rely on the confusion between semiautomatic military style guns and full auto military style guns to try and sway the poll respondents to answer in the affirmative for an assault weapons ban. There were many people who didn't realize that the 94 ban was a ban on semiautomatics and had nothing to do with full auto firearms. My father in law, a retired police officer, was of that mindset until I let the truth set him free. I asked him why he thought it was a ban on full autos and he stated that he'd seen a news report about it on TV where they were firing machine guns.

Anybody remember how NBC did that news report, talking about the assault weapons ban and showing people firing full auto machine guns at cinder blocks to demonstrate the "power" of assault weapons?

If they are not running this poll any longer, maybe it's a sign that the numbers have changed and more of "the people" have figured it out. We can only hope that's the case.
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