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washington state drops tennessee

Hard to come up with the money Bloomberg and others have to assault our Rights with.
Firearms Owners, in Washington should start working together, contributing and raising money, for State Senators and Congressmen campaigns.
Essentially it is howw much money can you raise for us to defeat the Democrats/Gun Grabbers.
everyone show up individually, if you are comfortable doing that, wit the legal limit usually 100.00 or a bottle off Jack Black to see your Congressma and Senators. And Gun Clubs, Hunting Clubs, and all the subset fgroups, make appointments to present your case and show your support, and more if they defeat the anti gunners and keep them at bay.
On local levels in small town America, I'm sure there are many Individuals, that would get most of the votes by promising to fight for 2A and other measures. Local Gun Clubs will or should help with money for signs etc and getting signatures to run for office.
In other words, it is time to fight tooth and nail, and start putting the anti gunners back in the corner.
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