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Rich Lucibella
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Thank tyme. We'd almost lost it all.

Since we installed the new server we'd been having problems. The old server didn't have the capacity to do backups. We ordered additional drives for it. That took a while. Discovering that the Co-Lo crew in WA couldn't swap out the drives caused more delays.

The old server was one day away from being shipped to tyme for setup as a backup when the new one went down. The first guru to check it, threw up his hands, saying the drives were unreadable. tyme got hold of it and discovered a miniscule hardware problem. He swapped a card, removed a connetor, changed the op-system, stress tested under load, sprinkled some happy dust on it and shipped back to WA on Thursday.

He's also installed a backup 200GB drive just in case. The old server will now be shipped back to him as redundant backup and I'll be downloading weeklies to my own computer.

Truly sorry for the mess....this is hardly the kind of instability TFL's been known for.
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