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OWB Holster with Snap for DAO Spur-less K-Frame 2" BBL

Any suggestions for a holster that fits the following criteria:
* K-frame S&W
* 2" BBL
* DAO Hammer (without hammer spur)
* Thumb snap retention for DAO spur-less hammer
* Leather
* General concealed carry characteristics

I have such a holster for my S&W J-frame 638. It has a nice snappy-do that goes over the back of the trigger guard that can be actuated by the thumb. Works fine. I can find no such critter for a 2" K-frame. Closest I came was a NYPD uniformed carry holster for a 4" BBL S&W K-frame. The 4" bbl accommodation and design to fit duty gear makes it a non-starter.

I have a minimalist open top belt slide (JIT by Don Hume), but when I walk in the woods I require a thumb snap.
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