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Some of my best shooting rifles have unlined barrels.

If you can shoot-out an unlined barrel as a civilian, then you are obviously in a financial situation in which lined or unlined wouldn’t matter anyway.

If you are strapped for funds, you can’t afford enough ammunition to wear out a barrel, not counting abusive behavior. If you can afford the amount of ammunition to wear out a barrel, then the cost of replacing the barrel or weapon would be minimal to you.

I don’t base a barrel’s performance prediction on whether it’s lined or unlined.

My best performing AR barrels accuracy wise and of the same caliber from best to worst.
1. Naked 4150 chrome molly
2. Nitrided 4150
3. 416r phosphated stainless bull barrel
4. Chrome-lined 4150 FN.

There’s enough deviation in the same barrels of the same types that it sometimes doesn’t matter.
The above mentioned barrels aren’t very far apart accuracy-wise, so my experience is merely anecdotal and by no means scientific.

All I’m saying is that in the big picture for civilian use, lining matters little.

A good barrel is a good barrel, and a bad one will never be good.

All that said... sink the most of your money into the barrel and trigger, But... don’t skimp too much on the rest either.
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