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Yeah I wasn't being very clear. I guess what I am asking is which caliber an experienced flintlock shooter would consider if my goals are learning how to operate a flintlock and mostly small game hunting?
I lean towards the .36 for economy and small game. Is there any advantage real or percieved in starting out with a .50?
If I hate it does one resell better than the other in general?

So is a fifty that much more expensive to run' ? If going 'plinking' for a day is it that much easier to carry 100 rounds worth of components of .36 than .50?
Not a re-enactor or historicalically accurate enthusiast.
Also, are the pedersoli entry level locks worth the trouble? I got a Kentucky .45 pistol kit on sale and the lock appears to be 'mininum meets reaquirements'. Will they hold up?
Am I better off just spending the money and getting a half decent build? Will say a TVM rifle be that much better? ( personally not a cosmetics guy, function before curb appeal desired here )

I rarely shoot deer unless it is at revolver ranges, Being finicky when it comes to ingredient selection. I have been a 'two gun' hunter forever where it's legal.

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