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Help Finding Particular Type of Holster

I'm looking for a leather IWB holster with belt attachments out at the sides, leather between me and the gun, and a closed muzzle. Those are the necessities. Tuckable attachments would be a nice bonus. Horsehide would be a plus.

Effectively, I want something like the DeSantis Cozy Partner but with better distributed anchor points way out on the sides. I like the spacing of anchor points on a lot of hybrid holsters like the Crossbreed Super Tuck. For reference:

BTW, why don't I see holsters shaped like the Crossbreed Super Tuck but with all leather? Why do the hybrid holsters all seem to have high cut open muzzles? I actually have a Super Tuck and I'm just the right height to bump the muzzle on counters, tables, etc. It's not so much an issue of protecting the muzzle from damage versus having the gun pushed up out of retention.
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