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There are levels where we react and respond to people based on social and cultural factors. There are other levels where we should respond simply because they are fellow human beings.

If my despised neighbor who forced me to spend thousands of dollars on a fence to define property boundaries were having his leg eaten by rabid ferrets on crystal meth, and I were in a position to stop it, I would.

If his car was broke and he asked me for a ride to the "ban the AR-15" rally, I'd tell him, "you got feet, used them!"

But I wouldn't stop him from getting there.

I think the proper reaction also should involve how much you know about the person asking for help and what help they are asking for.

Suppose a total stranger approaches you and says "I'm a writer, doing research for a book /paper /report and I've checked, you are someone who knows, can you tell me how a terrorist would blow up a bridge??
(or make a bomb, or …..)

NOW what do you do? Judgement call time.

Suppose they work for "Ban them all NOW! Inc." and they ask how you how to properly define gun terms or how this might be converted to that, etc. so they can get the proposed new law's wording "right"??

Personally, I wouldn't be inclined to help that guy, with THAT "problem".
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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