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I agree w/Pax 100%.

I disagree w/oldsmarksman(people have already noted/posted valid arguments).

Frank, I edit my original post. Yes, it would be wise for me to proofread upon posting...thank you. I also have to side w/some arguments explaining their side with you, but you made some good points.

First we are talking about a woman(it does matter), then we are talking about a young child of the mother, then we are talking about the location. It is common knowledge that most pervs do escalate when they get away with stuff: one of example of many - peeping tom's many times can graduate to rapists andor breaking and entering. Take that into account when one can easily feel threatened(we all realize this depends on the person not state law) and have reason to believe that this individual had very bad intent, is on drugs or highly drunk, andor might easily have some mental issues. One can not take the chance. She didn't brandish her firearm...she pulled it out for protection and got it at the ready. She didn't fire but would've been justified if this individual posed any further danger to her and her child(example: charged them). Who knows what would've happened, but as I mentioned in my original post: "Things can escalate quick...."
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