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Yes Mal H, I just edited my post because it took me a moment to realize the origin of Amp44's quote, which was from SATRP.

I don't want to step into the middle of any verbal fights here, but I don't think anyone set out to offend anyone else, and I rather enjoyed questioning what gives pistols vs revolvers their reputation, optimal vs. suboptimal circumstances for each, and their historical origins.

This is like how early direct impingement AR's still suffer stigma from their introduction in the jungle environment.

And if this thread is going to be a continuation of the other one:
I have never, ever seen a good quality semi suffer any kind of failure.
That may be, and somehow there are a bunch of army guys saying the Beretta M9 is JUNK. (I personally think Berettas are great, and am holding my tongue about poor maintenance etc...) Gun discussions are fun, aren't they?
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