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Aw, c'mon, man. Surely you have at least seen photos of pistol ammo with set back. It seems to me that it is most common in .40, which I don't shoot, or make.

I don't worry about setback - haven't seen it in the ammo I make or use - but I don't consider it impossible. Practice ammo isn't re-chambered, of course. Defensive ammo might see two or three chamberings, so I treat it a little easy so that I can continue to say the first sentence of the paragraph.

I understand what you say about the ammo being chambered by the firing cycle. That is one last chambering for that round. Am I being over-cautious by more softly chambering my defensive ammo before it is fired? Probably. I'm OK with it if I am. I'm kind of fond of the idea of it working well if I need it.

I know you're mostly just razzing me. We're good.
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