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As for your friend. You point to physics. I point to mechanics. A Glock pistol not acted on by an external force and in good mechanical working condition (not altered and well maintained) can't magically shoot itself. I'm sorry but you'd have to have a catastrophic failure of multiple internal parts for that to even start to be a possibility. So if we want to go with logic and I'm left with believing your friend's story, or your internet repetition of that story, or what I know mechanically, I'm more inclined to believe the mechanics.
Well said TunnelRat. If the use of a Glock or any similar firing system makes you uncomfortable then use something else. A Glock being negligently handled and discharged is very different than one going off while being carried in a proper holster. Negligent discharges happen all the time. Glocks going off spontaneously without manipulation of the trigger just doesn't happen. A 1911 carried with the safety off, in a proper holster will not shoot itself either.
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