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Originally Posted by TunnelRat View Post
Then there's more to this story. Firearms don't just magically go off, especially firearms with firing pin or striker blocks. Something actuated that trigger and frankly whether your friend was experienced or not doesn't convince me that striker fired pistols are inherently dangerous from this one story out of millions of these pistols in circulation.

If someone prefers DAO, DA/SA, etc I say more power to them. What I've noticed in the firearms community, however, is a tendency to tell people why their choices are crazy compared to our own. It gets ridiculous enough to seem like religious conversion.

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So do tell me the rest of the story, Myself and my friend want to here this. Especially since he broke down every part of the gun and examined it. And to include the holster. And of course he is not the only guy that was shot by light striker fired Pistol. Unless you have lived in a cave you would know this.
And common sense can see the difference in physics. One is going to be unsafer. And how many DAO triggers do you hear having negligent discarges compared to light striker fired triggers. We had three last year alone. None were DAO. And all were when holstering. I wonder how many LE's over the years that have had to use their duty gun, wished they had a stronger, longer pull?

No, I am NOT telling you what to carry. In fact I want you to carry a light striker fired gun. I advise it for you.

And this is a friendly debate. But I have learned to listen to that little voice in my head that gives me warning. I have learned to heed that advice.
Now I do have family that are gun enthusiast. And like my son, I started him off on shooting a Double Action Only. No, I do not want him or any one I love to carry a light striker. For one there is not advantage to one in the first place for fast action shooting and EDC. (unless of course someone does not train on a diligent basis or someone that just target shoots their gun)

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