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Originally Posted by TunnelRat View Post
Then there's more to this story. Firearms don't just magically go off, especially firearms with firing pin or striker blocks. Something actuated that trigger and frankly whether your friend was experienced or not doesn't convince me that striker fired pistols are inherently dangerous from this one story out of millions of these pistols in circulation.

If someone prefers DAO, DA/SA, etc I say more power to them. What I've noticed in the firearms community, however, is a tendency to tell people why their choices are crazy compared to our own. It gets ridiculous enough to seem like religious conversion.

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Thanks and you beat me to it. A lot of talk and such about light triggers and 'heat of the moment'...but not a lot of 'heat of the moment' and either forgetting to chamber a round or forgetting to thumb the 'safety' off..

I started with strikers for did my son's and with training and shooting comes familiarity, and safety..Strikers(Glock) just don't 'go off'.. caliber discussions, 'gotta start with a '4'..type stuff.

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