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Originally Posted by Carl the Floor Walker View Post

I have a friend, long time shooting enthusiast, former Military armorer, range master, instructor etc. He just recently was headed to the range. When he bent over to pull items in his car, his Glock went off. Sent the bullet through his hip and all the way down his leg. Horrible wound. He told me later a light striker fired trigger would never be carried again

By the way, his gun never left the holster.

Then there's more to this story. Firearms don't just magically go off, especially firearms with firing pin or striker blocks. Something actuated that trigger and frankly whether your friend was experienced or not doesn't convince me that striker fired pistols are inherently dangerous from this one story out of millions of these pistols in circulation.

If someone prefers DAO, DA/SA, etc I say more power to them. What I've noticed in the firearms community, however, is a tendency to tell people why their choices are crazy compared to our own. It gets ridiculous enough to seem like religious conversion.

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