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Just where I live (Louisiana), I don't think so. I considered it awhile when I was getting surplus guns, and decided against it.
  • my state doesn't restrict anything that a C&R license would then allow
  • shipping to a local FFL seems to be a lot cheaper, and I found a FFL that will do a pistol transfer for $10
  • not having the license, I'm not required to keep a log book and won't be called to review it.
If I were in a state that limited what I could own but a C&R would give me more options, then I would consider it. Similarly, if the shipping would balance out, it might be more worth it... but I've seen guns that ship for $20, but $40+ as a C&R. With my FFL guy, I come out ahead by doing it the regular way, and I don't have to stay on top of any books.
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