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Anyway, you must try a box of as many brands as you can to find the ammo your individual pistol will both shoot well and cycle the action using. The price of said ammo means nothing.
And yes you do end up with a bunch of part boxes. .22 rifles are less particular. Doesn't mean all .22 ammo will be accurate out of 'em though. You need to try ammo in them too.
Sage advice. I have always done this with any new to me .22 pistol. At least 10 different types/brands of .22 ammo. A remarkable discovery was, using a HS Victor, that Federal SV - despite many criticisms - shot as well as any of the higher end brands. I shot cases of it and never had a problem with it for years. Then Federal did something and it stopped working as well. I switched to CCI SV and Eley Target.
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