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My first trial loads for these bullets with Universal proved interesting. I started with the load for 125gr bullets and stepped down. 4.3gr to 4.6gr at 1.140” shot well, but none of them cycled my Springfield EMP 3”, though the 4.6gr load came close.

This time I increased the ladder, starting with 4.6gr, working up to 5.1gr, with an additional 5 rounds of 4.6gr seated to 1.135”. The original 4.6gr load still failed to cycle, but all higher loads cycled well, as did the 5 shorter 4.6gr rounds.

I’d previously conjectured that proper functioning would occur at 4.8gr. This was true, though the 4.6gr, 1.135” load also functioned well. Nonetheless, the 5.1gr load was awesome.
Any of these rounds would serve my needs, but I could use the 5.1gr load for carry. I’ll load more and test for accuracy, though these bullets fly true.
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