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hard to believe almost 10 years ago, I was holding monthly fun shoots on the 1st sunday of each month. boy times have changed.
heres a review of what we use to do!
anyone coming in oct want me to set one of these up for a money match on the side?

25.00 entry fee.
must have 5 shooters.
1st place prize only.
50/50 split with the range.

Jan: Mus-bnuts Open. 50 American Skeet. Any gun.
Feb: Frozen Chosen Open. 50 16yd Singles Trap. 12ga.
Mar: Chilly Willie Open. 50 Doc Adams.
Apr: Spring Fever Open. 50 Skeet (Pump, Lever, or SBS Only)
May: 1st Cut Open. 50 Trap 27yd Handicap Only. Any gun.
June: No Excuses Open. 50 Low Gun Doc Adams.
July: 2nd Cut Open. 50 Low Gun Old Rule Skeet. Guns With Buttplates Only. (Rusty, Worn Finish Brown Guns encouraged.)
Aug: No Sweat Open. 50 27yd Annie Oakley Trap. 2 Misses and Out.
Sept: 3rd Cut Open. 50 poor mans 5 stand.
Oct: Harvest Open. 50 Skeet, Doubles Only
Nov: The Guns Fault Open. 25/25 Same Gun Skeet and Trap. Fixed Choke.
Dec: Antifreeze Open. 50 Doc Adams. All bore, 2 shots allowed.
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