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I don't know if they're still making the CCI Pistol Match.
I picked up a bunch from someone during the ammo shortage.
Some guys would compete with it but not very many would actually stick with it.

I sometimes would shoot CCI Green Tag from my imported target pistol but only for slow fire since it would misfire a lot.
The rounds would fire eventually but just not always on the 1st trigger pull.
I wasn't sure what the deal was with them.
At least all I usually had to do was to recock the external hammer of the pistol.
It was the only ammo that ever did that with the gun.
But it was accurate so I kept using it.

I basically just keep these ammos on hand for rifle shooting, or if a pistol really benefits from it.

Besides Eley, another ammo that I liked to play around with was Fiocchi Match and Super Match that was made in Italy.
I once read an article that said it tested to be the most accurate .22LR when fired from the 3 most popular semi-auto target rifles.
While it was really reliable ammo., its accuracy also varied lot to lot.
But it's really beautiful looking ammo with very bright silver colored bullets.

It's fun to have an ammo stash in the closet to try out in those guns that can be really finicky.
But sometimes functional reliably and being accurate are 2 whole different animals.
CCI Standard Velocity is also the common go-to ammo for many of the original High Standard target pistol shooters.
Many guys would try more expensive ammo, but in the end they would always go back to the CCI SV.
Even if they needed to wipe the lube off their bullets before the match so they wouldn't stick in the magazine or chamber.
What's a point or two to an average Bullseye shooter anyway?
Most shooters can't really tell the difference in the end unless they're shooting a Hammerli or some other really high end pistol.
It's mostly a mental game to be able to believe that you're shooting with the most accurate ammo possible
to help provide confidence in your own performance before the match even starts.

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