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Perhaps after production was moved to Maine, the newer 41's weren't quite the same as the older ones that were made in Springfield, MA.

About 20 years ago I met a bullseye shooter who shot 2 perfect matches of 300 points firing CCI Standard Velocity with his Model 41.
And he regularly had the highest average on his team.

I also knew a team mate who always used Remington Target in his 41.
He also practiced a lot and IIRC his gun didn't ever malfunction other than routine Remington misfires, which often depended on the lot of Remington Target in those days.
But in more recent years, I've shot many, many rounds of Remington Target without any misfires at all, and it certainly became known as a much more reliable ammo.

I agree that any ammo. needs to be thoroughly function tested for dependablity with any individual gun.

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