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"...Using a Model 41..." Smith 41's are the most particular .22 target pistol there are. Mine will shoot and cycle with nothing but Remington Target and the old IVI Standard Velocity(no longer available. Don't think it ever was, Stateside.). It won't cycle with any flavour of Eley brand.
Anyway, you must try a box of as many brands as you can to find the ammo your individual pistol will both shoot well and cycle the action using. The price of said ammo means nothing.
And yes you do end up with a bunch of part boxes. .22 rifles are less particular. Doesn't mean all .22 ammo will be accurate out of 'em though. You need to try ammo in them too.
"...stay away from high velocity ammo..." Absolutely and totally untrue. Lots of people Stateside use .41's for hunting. HV ammo won't bother 'em at all. Hypervelocity stuff like Yellow Jackets(discontinued, sniff) and CCI Mini-mags, etc., won't bother 'em either.
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