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I shot rimfire competition for twenty years and owned many, many target guns while I was doing it. In one ten year period I was going through seven cases of ammo a year and I learned a lot during that time. Based on what you're describing I think you have fallen into a situation where two things are happening: first, you're using an ammo that leaves a lot of lube in the chamber and residue on the slide and chamber. Second, and don't get mad here, you're not cleaning the gun enough. I found that some ammo simply left too much residue on the slide and in the chamber on almost every gun I owned. I used to carry a bent brush with me to give a "quick" scrub to the chamber area every once in a while. I also used to take the gun apart about every two-three hundred rounds and give everything a good cleaning. I ended up using ammo that had an "oily" lube rather than a waxy one. Eley and RWS became my choices for reliability. My next choice was CCI Std. Velocity which wasn't quite as good. I suggest you try a variety of ammo and see what works best in your CLEAN gun. I'm not implying you don't clean your guns, I'm just stating that rimfires are prone to stopping when fouled and the better target ones with tighter tolerances are ten times as bad. I had comped guns and they need the comp cleaned frequently also or they will foul up and are a bear to clean. Good luck.
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