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Yep, not a lot of reason to agonize over this in the AR design. It was made simple for a reason. I'd be more concerned to check the tip during cleaning to make sure it wasn't damaged.

The M16 (military full auto) rifles use a firing pin that has a slightly thicker collar (rim) around the rear of the firing pin than some commercial models. Supposedly better able to withstand the impacts involved when it comes to a lot of FA fire.

The generous protrusion dimensions probably also allow for sufficient protrusion in the event of accumulated fouling under (in front of) the collar during battle field conditions, too. Not something a lot of sport shooters or LE users would probably have to worry about in semiauto rifles not being used under adverse conditions.

I'd be surprised to find an AR firing pin made by a reputable manufacturer out of spec in regard to protrusion. Easy enough to check and not worry about it with the little gauge, though.

Considering the popularity of the AR rifle, the OP might find that a friend already owns the standard gauge (like sold by Brownells), or maybe a local gunsmith might have one and he could take his BCG by for it to be checked.

... and some of the replies to this thread kind of beat him over the head.
If you mean one of my posts, that was not my intention.

I agree with you that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, all you end up doing is spending more time in the shop working on crap when you could be spending that time on the range.
Agreed. Range time is always more enjoyable than bench time.

I also like the old adage that it's generally not a good idea to keep trying to fix it until it is finally broken.
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